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POV Crypto Podcast: Your Crypto Echo-Chamber Dies Here.

Oct 31, 2019

Andrew Keys has been with Ethereum since day 1. He has been integral in the development of the ecosystem and the community, and has lately migrated to helping build out the institutional investment wing of Ethereum. 

We bring Andrew onto POV to get his perspective on institutional involvement in Ethereum. 



Oct 29, 2019

David and Christian go through recent news and developments in the crypto-space!

- Wyre releases new on-ramp vehicle that allows instant on-chain delivery of funds, via Apple or Google Pay.

- Christian brings up his concerns about EIP 1559 and how it takes from the users and gives to the stakers

- Eric Conner

- New...

Oct 28, 2019

Eric Martindale ( @martindale comes to PoV Crypto to discuss his project Fabric, how it adds to Bitcoin, and a variety of other crypto related topics. 


Fabric on Twitter 

- The crypto industry is an industry trying to get to the...

Oct 24, 2019

Peter McCormack joins POV Crypto for a relaxed and fun conversation. This episode is full of great insights from Peter. We cover the following topics. 

  • The evolution of What Bitcoin Did  
  • Launching Defiance News
  • Fighting for libertarian ideals
  • How Bitcoin is revolutionizing money 
  • Getting attacked by an angry...

Oct 22, 2019

Amber is an App simply for dollar-cost averaging into Bitcoin. Do-away with FOMO and trading, and responsibly stack sats with Aleks' app

Aleks has been around the Bitcoin space for a long time, and comes to POV Crypto to discuss a number of various topics. The topic turns to Where and How Ethereum...