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POV Crypto Podcast: Your Crypto Echo-Chamber Dies Here.

Feb 28, 2019

Austin Griffith started working on the Burner Wallet ( on a plane to Devcon. 

Now, it's used at conferences to pay $38,000 to food vendors. 

Austin walks us through the design choices for building a good UX

We talk about the Burner wallet @ ETH Denver

Network stacking

Future of private key...

Feb 24, 2019

Christian and David bring Pat White of BitAlpha onto POV Crypto. Pat is a long time Bitcoiner and he dives into topics like crypto accounting, how people will get paid in crypto, enterprise multi-sig technology, and the QuadrigaCX debacle. Please enjoy this wide-ranging conversation with Pat White.

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Feb 21, 2019

David and Christian reflect on why it is so important to seek every valid perspective out there, especially in the crypto space. Please enjoy this short conversation about why we POV.

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Feb 18, 2019

Coming in (almost) live @ ETH Denver!

David goes around and talks to people on your behalf @ ETH Denver. Didn't get to go to the event this year? This episode should make you satisfy your fomo. 

Interviewed @ ETH Denver:

Andreas Antonopoulos

Ameen Soleimani

Eric Voorhees

Rhys Lindmark




Feb 15, 2019

Christian brings Murad Mahmudav onto POV Crypto! Murad is famous for his in-depth analysis and commentary on currencies, their adoption process, how capital and the social layer interacts, and much more. 

Topics of conversation include

Murad's concrete charts

Using on-chain analytics to inform trading


Indicators of a...