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POV Crypto Podcast: Your Crypto Echo-Chamber Dies Here.

Aug 29, 2019

Dan Finlay is one of the Big Brains behind MetaMask, a browser extension that represents the core interface for interacting with Ethereum and Web 3.0. 

Dan has a lot of great thoughts to share, about how the web experience should be turned inside out, in order to produce a user-centric experience. 

Dan Finlay on Twitter @danfinlay


- Traditional Web 2.0 Login System doesn't make sense on a blockchain

- Providing User empowerment and control on the internet

- Design decisions for Metamask

- Making websites ask for permission from the user, rather than the user asking permission from the website. 

- The intersection of Identity and Wallets

- MetaMask roadmap; supporting all the things!

- MetaMask development process; The MetaMask team

- Ethereum as a court/legal system

- Blockchains taking responsibilities away from Governments

- Keeping trivial transactions off the main chain

- 1 year blocktimes??

- Hyper-tokenization

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