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POV Crypto Podcast: Your Crypto Echo-Chamber Dies Here.

Aug 22, 2019

Alex Stokes (@ralexstokes) comes to PoV to discuss progress in ETH 2 developments, mechanisms and tradeoffs for its design choices. 


- Finality in Ethereum 2

- Transfering finality to Ethereum 1

- Reduced issuance / high security of PoS

- Running Ethereum through Tor

- Social Attacks with PoW vs PoS


Aug 20, 2019

Bitcoiners and Ethereans are fighting on Crypto-twitter again. 

Bitcoiners claiming scam and fraud is apart of Ethereum's DNA

Ethereans claim double-standard, for a blockchain that requires perpetually growing BTC price...

David and Christian attempt to parse out details and nuances. 

- @Bitstein triggers everyone

Aug 13, 2019

Friend of the Podcast, and all-around good guy, Mariano Conti comes to POV to provide his perspective about the drop in value of the Argentine Peso. 

Today, we pause and remember why we are in crypto, as 45 Million people lose 30% of their buying power overnight, due to the consequences of government-controlled money. 

Aug 12, 2019


MolochDAO Update

Summary of Moloch productions

Lessons of Gen-1 DAOs, forecasting Gen-2 DAOs

Moloch nimbleness with decision-making vs a legacy alternative

Metacartel DAO


Trustless BTC on Ethereum

Ethereum vs Bitcoin Security, Memes, and Value Props


Aug 6, 2019


- Macroeconomic events being reflected in Bitcoin

- The Bitcoin Standard book, what David likes about it

- Fiat things in society

- Christians bet that the beacon chain wont ship on time

- Our first 4-star review :(


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